I couldn't help hearing this song and not thinking these were the real words:

Were lightin’

Were inhalin’

There’s no one home so we wont get caught this time

Did you roll it?

Ah! We’re smokin’ weed.


What is your mom doing?

Do you know what time she’ll be coming home?

Do you have Doritos,

or that Munchies mix?


Got the towel

under the door

Get the Febreeze!


We’re smoking weed!



Were smokin’

Were tokin’

Theres not a bong that rips like this one you bought

at Bonnaroo

‘Cuz were smoking weed

You got Visine?


Man I love volcanoes

Are my eyes really really red?

Wanna listen to B. Marley

or watch Lebowski?

When will it be four-twenty?

Can’t wait another day!



We’re smoking weed!

We’re smokin’

We’re lightin’

Michael Phelps tokes just like we do,

so we’re champs!

Damn I’m hungry,

Where are the munchies?

And that febreeze?


Open a window

wait! take a puff and pass it back to me

Puff puff pass it back

I love THC!

and smoking weed.


We like hash

We like weed

Call it what-

ever you please


Just think about buying one more eighth…


Call it hemp

Call it ganje

Won’t you

legalize it please?


One more puff

from that joint, and…


We’re flying

Yeah I’m high and

all I can do is think of lyrics from Sublime.

Nickelodeon slime?

I forget.

When we’re smoking weed.


Is that the garage door?

That’s my mom! Quick hide it!

Don’t worry about it

it’s my medical weed

it’s my stomach, feels uneasy.


Do you want to make some linguine?


It’s good we live in California.