I hate going to a friend's birthday, and being the one guy with the really lazy gift. The gift that was obviously thought of at the last second. Maybe just money and a card. Maybe just money. Maybe just a card. The kind of gift that makes the recipient go "Oh…thanks?" or "Where's the rest?" The kind of gift that make the parents think you're that lame friend. Well I have the perfect solution. When I was thinking of what to get one of my friends for her birthday, I knew that I wanted it to be something memorable. So, I got her myself. I made a doll of myself. I mean action figure! Yeah, it was totally an action figure, and definitely not a doll. With a real picture of my face and real human hair. That's right, I cut off some of the fro, and put it on this thing. Was she creeped out? Of course, wouldn't you be(unless you're into that sort of thing…)? Hell, I was even a little creeped out by my own creation. What if it came alive like that oh so special episode of Family Matter where Steve Urkel's doll (but mine's an action figure) comes to life. But hey, at least she'll remember it. How could she forget? Not even years of therapy will erase this one. Here's a photo for your enjoyment. Excuse the wonky eye.