: I got in a car accident five years ago, thats why I'm like this. 

Me: That's why you're like what? Stupid? God this is why paraplegics shouldn't be driving. You guys are all so stupid you get in accidents all the time.

Paraplegic: No, I don't think you understand.

Me: What? I don't understand how cool you think you are because you get the parking spaces with the blue guy with the fat ass. Is that what I don't understand?

Paraplegic: Um…

Me: Do you know why he has such a fat ass? Because he's lazy as hell like you, that's why. You get to park so close to the grocery store because your lazy ass doesn't want to walk.

Paraplegic: But I can't walk.

Me: (mocking) But I can't walk. You used to be able to walk, you said it yourself.

Paraplegic: Yeah, but then I became a paraplegic.

Me: Paraplegic? You keep using that word like it actually means something.

Paraplegic: It means I can't walk.

Me: But you are talking right now.

Paraplegic: I said walk, not talk.

Me: Whatever, same thing.

Paraplegic: Not at all actually.

Me: See you did it again!

Paraplegic: One again, I said walk, not talk.

Me: Whatever, same thing.

Paraplegic: You just said that.

Me: See you did it again!

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