If I said women are stupid, it wouldn't be sexist.
I'd be stating fact based on FaceBook conversations.

This is a conversation between a girl 3 years younger than me.
I am 14 she is 11.
She likes me…
After weeks of being nice to her. I snapped.



Heey sexy


Me:What? You didn't ask a question.

Her:Why do you always correct things iput wrong?

There's a question.

Me:Why do you always need correction?

Her:I don't , you just decide to give le correction, I it makes you happy I'll male sure everything is in proper grammar.


I wrote that wrong

Me:It isn't just grammar.
It's spelling and sentence structure too.

Her:I don't care!

facebook is so you don't have to be at school

Me:The reason facebook was invented was so you didn't have to be at school?

Her:Exactly, see you really are smart and sexy but I'm sexier .

Me:You didn't ask a question.

In addition, I was making fun of you.
Facebook wasn't invented so you didn't have to be at school, for that makes no sense.

Her:No shit I didn't a question

In addition, fuck you

Me:Then why do you put question marks?

Her:Tu see where the fuck you were

Me:Then ask.
"where are you?"
Or give me more than 4 fucking minutes to reply. I am not hovering over my computer beating off to this conversation and just waiting for your next message.
I don't actually want to talk to you.

And stop saying
"Hey sexy"
That's just weird.

Her:It's not weird if I like you dumbfuck

Me:Yes, it is weird.
I don't know you. How you know me is beyond me.
I'm the dumb one?

Her:No your just the stupid one between us sexy

Me:It is spelled "you're"
Not your.
I'm the dumb one.

Don't call me sexy, it's not flattering. I just get creeped out.

Her:Colin called



He wants his dick back

Omg that's so funny and offensive.
My best friend called because he wants his dick back!
You're implying I'm gay, right?
Sorry, I don't understand your intellect, wit, and humour.

Wow, that was a major hit to my self esteem.
I'm openly bi sexual.
Then you accuse me of liking men. You sly bitch.

Women are dumb. There is more to come.