Welcome back Entourage fans!  We've got an entire new season to watch E pick out flower arrangements for his wedding, Turtle pimp out hoes for his new business, Drama play the lead in his new show, and Vince……. well I'm sure he'll bone a bunch of sluts.

As a recap, last season left us with E and Sloan becoming engaged (oh I hope they get their own spin-off; or at least just Sloan; or I guess I can just look at her on the Internet), Drama quit his old show and is set to lead in a new one that was developed just for him, Jamie-Lynn broke things off with Turtle, and Vince flew off to Italy to play Enzo Ferrari.  

This weeks episode is called "Stunted", and it may or may not have anything to do with E's stature.  

We jump forward to Vince's new movie which is reminiscent of Terminator Salvation but hopefully with less suckiness.  One of the scenes has Vince walking through what looks like an abandoned building armed with a bulletproof vest, shotgun, goggles, and a fashionable orange scarf.  Also, three or four cameos by Charlie Kelly.  

The initial conflict from this new movie comes from, yet again, a troublesome director.  The director wants Vince to do his own stunts because audiences love nothing more than to see their stars on fire.  

Turtle apparently has earned his college degree and immediately gains financing for several Mercedes cars and a staff comprised of the highest earners at the Spearmint Rhino.  The business model

involves hot women driving fancy cars to pick up and transport clients.  This seems like a sound business plan right?  I thought so too, however, it turns out women can't drive.  Who knew?  

Turtle has one terrible employee played by Dania Ramirez who should be fired, but Turtle has the hots for her.  He ends up making a move, being rejected, and she quits.  I consider him lucky that's what actually happened rather than having a sexual harassment lawsuit.  I have a feeling the driver that Turtle had his own stick shift for will be recurring throughout the season as Turtle tries to develop a relationship to replace the oh-so-hot and oh-so-missed Jamie-Lynn Sigler. 

We don't see a lot of E in this episode, but he seems to be doing well for himself.  He can get a phone call to Ari anytime where Ryan Reynolds can't even get him to come over to play some cards.  

If E didn't already have it good enough, here's this:

Let's hope E doesn't screw anything up with Sloan that would cause less airtime for her, otherwise the HBO offices might see a series of incidents in the near future.

Finally, Drama comes to realize that maybe his gig wasn't so sweet, considering the studio got Dean Cain to fill his role.  I predict Drama will go insane and become the Lex Luthor to Cain's Superman. Expect many evil plots to come.  Lloyd has a lot to learn about managing his clients, ie if no one wants them to work, you tell it like it is, which Ari is great at.

The ending of the premiere has Vince completing his car jump through fire stunt, apparently in a car designed by Toyota, and ends up crashing into a building in a blaze of fiery awesomeness.  I'm not sure if Vince was shaken up by what happened or something cracked that turned him into an ultimate badass, but he jumped right back on the horse and wanted to do it again.  Are we going to see a new Vince from here on in?

Closing Credit Song: "Above The Clouds" by Gang Starr Feat. Inspectah Deck