To:  Hayley

From:  B.o.b

Message:  no. we can't pretend that airplanes n the nite sky r like shooting stars. sry.


To: Lady Gaga

From:  Alejandro Mexicano

Message:  Gracias 4 the name distraction & gettin me across the border. Te quiero.


To:  Eminem

From:  Little Green M&M

Message: Shady's back? Back again?!


To:  Justin Bieber

From: Jason Derulo

Message:  No! Wrong cups.  I said S-O-L-O.


To:  Katy Perry

From: East Coast Girls

Message:  Ur so lucky ur popsicles melt!  Out here we have to actually eat the popsicle 2 read the joke. 



From:  White House Correspondant Secretary for President Obama

Message:  How about another letter beside "O"?  P? Q? H? R?


To:  Justin Bieber

From: Jaden Smith

Message:  U tellin me 2 nvr say nvr, why u say it so many times? Cuz u older than me?


To:  Mike Posner

From:  Homeless man with a cell phone

Message:  Mike, don't worry.  U r definitely cooler than me.