So I was never much of a coffee drinker growing up. I hate drinks that are too hot for me to drink, I don't put anything in it to taste better, and other people who drink it are always itching for caffeine all the damned time. So it never seemed like a logical choice to drink it.

What got me drinking coffee was, that I didn't have much money for actual drinks, so I could make coffee in mass amount and just sit around and drink it all day. It just became a habit, like smoking a cigarette. I honestly dont care for caffeine, it doesn't affect me a whole lot either way. So on days when I wouldn't have a chance to drink coffee, I was fine. (I'm not the kind of coffee drinker who runs out to dunkin donuts 15 times a day.)
My relationship with coffee was GREAT! We had an open relationship, when we were together we were inseparable, and when I had things to do I didn't have to go spend money on her.  The darker roast she was, the better she tasted…until the coffee turned on me…

A couple of days passed that called for concern for my health. I was so depressed that I couldnt get out of bed, when I did get out of bed I couldnt bring myself to do anything about it, so I just moped around the house. All I had was my coffee, I didn't go outside of the house for much except to be at work. I tried to cut things out of my life that I thought could be causing the depression and after some research, and some luck I found that- caffeine is sometimes a cause of depression, and is also routinely used to induce panic attacks in clinical experiments….


^^^^This here is my soul being sucked from my body, because of Coffee, and the caffeine that it contains.

This my friends, is the depressing end to my Relationship with an enjoyable friend.

R.I.P Coffee

Fortunately for me, I can still get SOME of the satisfaction from Coffee that I used to, but in a less serious manner.