First off, Happy V-Day. Listen, I don't think we necessarily HAVE to go out to dinner. Before you freak out, just let me explain. Hear me out.

First off, you know I haven't gotten my paycheck in two weeks. The stupid Food Services people in the dining hall are notorious for giving their checks out late and you know that. I talk about it all the time. I've actually made a point to talk about it a lot in the past few days- in order to cushion the blow I knew I would deliver by not going to dinner.

Secondly, where is there even to go? Like, there are maybe two good restaurants that we even know of, and we have to take the bus to get to either of them. Plus we've been to both of them. Remember when your parents visited? What's the difference if we go out and pay 100 bucks for dinner or if we stay in and pick up sandwiches from Miami Subs?

Also, Valentines Day isn't all about you right? It's not like it's your birthday. Valentines Day is about the couple and doing things for the other person. In this case the other person is me. And I don't think we should go out to dinner. And don't start with your whole, "Come on,Blake, we can split the bill" Crap. You know we never do that because I always get stuck paying the tip, then you'll want dessert somewhere afterwards- You think we'll split that too? I don't.

Aside from that. Have you looked at the calendar; it's February right now. It's fucking freezing, Stacy. Why would we walk 8 blocks to the shuttle stop, then 4 or more blocks to a restaurant. It doesn't even make any sense.

Also, can I just say that staying in means there will be NO ISSUE when Justin comes back from his date with Michelle. Do you remember last year when all four of us got back to the room at the same time and I had to wrestle Justin to see which one of us got to have sex? And I lost because he hit me in the stomach, even though it was such a cheap shot- Justin's so gay. But yeah, this year when they get back we'll already be straight up boning.

How bout that, hun? All night sex fest for Valentines. Sounds pretty SICK to me.