Bob: Up to bat, here’s Kyle Mach.

Joe: He’s had a decent season Bob. Not many at-bats, but a good on base percentage.

Bob: If he started attending more games, that might change.

Joe: Pitching for the away team today is Jenny, that cute blonde from Scott Hall.

Bob: She’s pretty attractive Joe.

Joe: You’re right Bob, she is indeed smoking hot.

Bob: The pitcher is giving him some pretty obvious signals, but Kyle seems to be missing them completely!

Joe: First pitch is straight down the center, Kyle doesn’t even swing, but it seems to grab his attention

Bob: Indeed it does Joe. Oh! Another one right there, but he just watches it go by.

Joe: To be honest Bob, I don’t know how he’s missing these strikes. The signals are clear, and the pitches aren’t complicated. He’ll have one more chance to do something.

Bob: And the pitch… it’s a solid hit! Ball goes deep into left field!

Joe: But what’s this? Kyle seems to be heading straight for third base, completely skipping first and second!

Bob: What’s more, no one is calling him on it, least of all the opposing team!

Joe: What an interesting turn of events folks.

Bob: What I can’t understand is how eager the away team is to let him get to third base, but they seem to be reluctant to go anywhere near it.

Joe: Very peculiar indeed.

30 minutes later…

Bob: That’s it folks, that’s the game. Let’s grab Kyle for an interview. Kyle, why did you go straight to third?

Kyle: Well, it just seemed like a good idea. Why waste time at first or second?

Bob: Good point. But why did you refuse to run to home after numerous hits?

Kyle: Well Bob, I forgot my sliding shorts at home, and I didn’t want to risk ruining anything sliding into home without them.

Bob: Probably a safe choice. Final question. Why did the game end so abruptly?

Kyle: Well, both me and the away team just kind of got tired, so we decided to call it quits and take a nap.

Bob: You heard it yourself folks. Be sure to tune in next week, when Kyle takes on Sarah, his ex-girlfriend from sophomore year.

Joe: He’ll have to be careful there Bob, there’s no love lost between these two teams.

Bob: Indeed you’re right Joe, but if he plays his cards right, he could be in for a perfect game. See you next time folks, and remember, always bring an extra pair of sliding shorts in your car.