So basically there is a man and a monkey that go into outerspace.they get sucked into this worm hole and think that they have gone to another dimention but have actually time taveled. (no big deal, i do it all the time.) 
    While they were time traveling, they missed a thousand years of history. Luckily for you, i witnessed all of it through a crystal ball.
    In the year 2057, a scientist will teach a monkey how to use guns and lighters. The monkey then will kill the scientist, steal a box of lighters and a few guns. 
    Apon return to the jungle, the other monkeys are amazed and learn how to use lighters and guns as well. By the year 2064, all the monkeys in the world will be trained with lighters and guns.
    The monkeys have a big poo fight, then conquer the world.