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In high school, I would tell people that the reason I never went to any parties on Saturday nights (not that I was invited to any) was because I didn't want to miss Justice League Unlimited.

One day, I got a call from my grandmother who asked me to hook up my Nintendo so my younger cousin could play it while she stayed with her that summer. Excited that my grandmother had found my old nintendo that I had missed since my childhood, I took off work early to claim what was rightfully mine. With great anticipation of playing some of the all time great games on arguably the best system ever, I get home to find that it was my old PS2 she had discovered. I was instantly pissed.

I started dating my first girlfriend shortly before we both went away to different colleges. As a fun way to get things going when I went to visit her one weekend, I proposed we play strip Tekken 4. I thought I had devised the perfect way to get her naked and boost my ego at the same time. She button mashed and got me completely naked before she took anything off.

The first time I saw Star Wars Kid, all I thought was, "Of course! A curtain rod is a much better approximation of a lightsaber than a broom stick."
-Riley Peterson (CH Intern)

I'm known in my department at work for being an avid Ghostbusters fan, and today, someone from a different department came up to me and asked if I was "The Ghostbusters Guy." I said "Yeah," and he replied, "That's awesome. I'm Josh." He then shook my hand and walked away. This, my friends, was the greatest moment of my life.

I always take my breakfast foods (eggs, waffles, pancakes, french toast) and cut them into the shape of the triforce.

I used to play World of Warcraft and I was pretty darn good. I gave up lots of social life for those late night grinding sessions. Out of all my friends on WoW, I was easily the best. One day I found out that one of the more "studly" kids on campus also played WoW. I decided to talk to him about it to establish my dominance as complete WoW nerd. That only made me realize that he was much better then me, and he gets laid at least once a week. Where does that put me?