Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? Do they use words like "MyFace,""SpaceBook,"or "The World Wide Web?"
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I had just showed my dad how to subscribe to podcasts off iTunes, emphasizing that they were free. Then he opened his birthday presents. When he got a gift card for iTunes he said exactly: "Oh great, now I can loaddown the American-cast on my iTouch!" What?
Alex D

Everytime I watch something on TV with my parents and a commercial block comes on, my parents will always ask me if the program is over, even if it has just started.
Karel R.

My mom was going to China for a trip, so I taught her how to use Skype. One day she caught me between classes as I was sitting outside, and as we were videochatting the glare started interfering with the camera. My mother immediately got up and turned off all the lights in her room (it was nighttime in China), then got mad when it did nothing to change the situation.
Annie L from GWU

I wanted to chip in to help buy my grandfather the new iphone. He seemed really excited about it and tries to keep up with new technology, but then he called it the "iPhone 3D" and I realized he was going to be really disappointed.
Aaron M

Once while my mom was on the computer, a fly landed on the monitor and she totally tried to shoo it away with the arrow on the screen before realizing she was dumb.
Seaman Wilson from Navy

I was talking to my mom the other day about selling my boat and she says, "You should use that Google site that your brother used to sell his jetski called Face List."
Clay Elrod from Georgia Southern

My dad refers to his cell as a "walk around phone."
Levi Carnes

My mom and I were on a flight but sitting in different parts of the plane. As we came in for landing she had the flight attendant bring her iPod to me to turn it off so that the "sound waves don't cause the plane to crash."
Patrick Devore from NC State

My mom still uses Microsoft Streets and Trips because she "can maneuver it easier" than Google Maps. She wants to get the new 2010 edition…but without the GPS because its too complicated.
Lane R from UF

While watching the world cup with my grandmother, I began to complain about the annoying noise coming from the vuvuzelas. She kindly explained to me that the noise was the "bad connection" because it is hard for soccer to travel through the "tv tubes" all the way from Africa.
hannah klaeser

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