Welcome back Entourage fans!  After waiting many long months for the new season, we were deprived of a new episode last Sunday so we can drink massive quantities of alcohol and experiment with explosives; also celebrate America, or something.  Anyway, we're back and it looks like Vince has started his awkward phase about 20 years too late.

While on pain meds from his stunt accident, Vince decides it would be an awesome idea to cut his own hair.  He also mentions during an interview that his new movie currently in production will probably suck.  I suppose every celebrity is entitled to their own change of persona at least once.

Meanwhile, Turtle believes he his dealing with some embezzlement from a disgruntled ex-employee after his credit card is declined after a $10,000 charge was made at Tiffany's.  As it turns out, Alex used the credit card to buy his mom a gift for $1,000 but the store accidentally added an extra zero.  I still consider Turtle lucky for not being in a court room right now for sexual harassment from his earlier debacle with her.  Now just for fun, here's a hot ass picture of her:

Drama is currently in hot pursuit of his next big project after getting shafted out of his earlier deal.  He employs E to help him read through scripts and distracts him from his biggest priority, to keep Vince from acting like a total dipshit.  Vince becomes bored at E's office, which is understandable since he could have sex with anything within a 1000 mile radius with a crack of a smile, but I digress.  He gets duped into going sky-diving with part-time manager/full-time douche bag Scott Lavin.  Lavin sees it as the perfect opportunity to steal E's number one client away and to have one more thing to brag about at the spray-tan salon.

Between Vince's recent behavior and exposure from interviews and paparazzi at the strip club, he may be getting a brand new reputation, one that doesn't necessarily sell movies.

Now on to Ari, who has been working hard to sign the NFL so he can sell out their television rights.  He meets with Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones and absolutely wows him, not without the help of the new apple of my penis, Lizzie Grant.

Lizzie charms the football executives with her sports knowledge as well as two other strategically placed assets.  Her and Ari naturally both become invested in this deal and seem to grow closer together.  Ari gets a call back from Jerry, who regrets to inform him that he will not get the deal, but instead he will be offered to own a new football team that will be coming to LA.  In celebration of this, Lizzie and Ari share a hug and a dance just as Mrs. Ari walks into his office.  So it looks like Ari is on the rocks with the Mrs., but that will give him more time to watch football, right?

My predictions for the rest of this season:  Vince will struggle with finding who he is and jeopardizing his whole career in the process; Turtle will struggle with the conundrum of owning a business filled with hot women but not being able to fill them up with his business; E will struggle with Scott Lavin in a competition for Vince; Drama will struggle with trying to work with E when he obviously isn't interested in Drama's drama.  In short, a lot of struggling will be going on, but that will hopefully lead to some growing and closure as many suspect this will be Entourage's last season.

Thanks for reading, and please fill the comments section with your own views on the episode and what you think we should look out for in episodes to come!

Closing Credit Song:  "There's Space For All Dat I See" by M.I.A.