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I have recently started dating this girl and she wants to take it slow, so we are in my apartment watching a movie on my bed, when I decide I want popcorn, I go make it, and leave before it's done so I won't miss anything. I come back and her pants are on the ground I immediately think we're getting started but she looks at me and goes "Oh, sometimes I just feel more comfortable wearing no pants" I turn around and leave to grab the popcorn completely dissapointed.  And while walking down the hall I hear my roommate getting what I did not.  Gryffindor made no points that day, but Slytherin got 10, those bastards…
-Phil, AZ

About 3 years ago my then girlfriend (now my wife) took me to meet her parents after attending a fourth of July cookout at my parents house. My mom had some cool temporary tattoos that were all patriotic and what not. Well some of the tattoos were the letters U S A and since I shave my head I thought it would be funny to cut some of those up to spell the word ASS and put it on the back of my head. Well later that night we went to pick her dog up from her parents house it was the first time I had met her parents and I had the word  ASS on the back of my head. Well I made sure to never turn my back to them to let them see it. We later told her parents about it and they thought it was hilarious.

After having a few drinks with my girlfriend (foreign) and a friend who came into town, the conversation turned towards tattoos. My now relatively wasted friend said "well any tattoo is hot on a girl, except those lower back tattoos. Here we call them tramp stamps and the only people who get them are stupid whores." She has a lower back tattoo that her American friends advised her to get. She stormed out of the apartment and wouldn't talk to me for days.

-James C

One time, my (ex) girlfriend let me go down on her before she informed that she had a vaginal infection. Then she cried because I got mad.


My long-term boyfriend broke up with me out of the blue on a Sunday. I was devastated, but determined to get past it. By Thursday he had realized his mistake, and Friday he showed up outside my work and spent the afternoon telling me that I was the love of his life and that he wanted to figure things out so that we could be together for the rest of our lives. We agreed to take the weekend to think things over and come up with ways to compromise. The following Monday we agreed to get back together, and Tuesday he broke up with me over the phone.


My ex-girlfriend refused to go down on me because she said my junk smelled like her dad.


I got really drunk at a freshman year pimps and hoes party and I blacked out. Apparently my friends took me back to my apartment and put me to bed. The next thing I know, I wake up on the ground in front of my ex-girlfriends door, still wearing my grill and chain and naked from the waste down, while she screams that I need to realize that we're broken up.


Every summer I visit my hometown Texas and I get see this girl that I’m kind of in love with.  Last summer, we got really close. We would make out all the time and feel each other. She promised me that she would send me a nude picture of herself if I sent her a dick picture. Instantly, I took a picture of my dick and sent it to her. She responds with, "I had my fingers crossed so I’m not sending you anything lol sorry babe".


This Week’s, “Most random activity to prove your relationship was going great” Award goes to:

I was going out with a girl and everything was going great. Decent sex, talking about the future, kite flying, etc. After about 10 weeks, she suddenly broke it off one morning with little valid reason. After several weeks of her still calling me and contacting me about how she liked me still and wondered about us getting back together, we did. Everything went back to normal for a few days, until I suddenly got a text saying that she couldn't imagine us having sex. Something we had done on multiple occasions. She broke it off the next day via text.