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If I take longer than 5 minutes to reply to my girlfriend's text she calls me pissed off and tells me I am a horrible boyfriend. On the other hand, if I reply too fast she assumes that I am texting other girls. I'm confused on what to do.


I had a girlfriend who would get upset whenever I scratched my balls, not because she thought scratching was gross, but because she thought I was “jerking it” every time I scratched


My ex-girlfriend who I’m still in love with calls me like clockwork about every 3 months to tell me she wants to be friends and hang out. Of course I’m a sucker and say ok. About 2 weeks later she stops answering my calls and tells me she is too busy to even answer a text. This is right after she gets a new boyfriend. This has been happening for over 2 years.


I went on an end of semester trip to Las Vegas with my girlfriend and a bunch of friends from high school. On the flight in, the stewardess came around and asked if we wanted to join the SkyMiles club, which is the airline's customer loyalty program. My girlfriend was very intrigued by the idea. On the last day of our trip, our flight left first and as we were saying goodbye to our friends, my buddy suggested we join the "Mile High Club". My girlfriend excitedly said "I know! I really want to! It would definitely give us a reason to fly more!" She's adorable.


My high school girlfriend and I were both in our first serious relationship together. I had never really gotten very far with any girl before this one, so I was thrilled when we were finally naked in her bed and she went down on me for the first time in my life. All went well, and afterwards we were downstairs in her kitchen and I felt something sticky and weird in my pubes. I went and checked it out and there was chewing gum stuck all over the place down there. So much so that I had to cut all the pieces out.


I sometimes ball tap myself (lightly) to last longer during sex. I actually got the idea from a submission here where the dude meant to smack a girls ass but instead hit himself in the nuts…it works if you do it right.


My boyfriend took me out on a very romantic date. We went to a nice Italian restaurant then returned to our hotel room. Things started heating up and soon we were 69ing. However, it was a little too soon after eating a large meal and I proceeded to vomit all over is dick. It was the worst moment of my life. He was really nice about it and after cleaning up we cuddled for a while. We've been together for a year.


Just last year, my girlfriend of 6 months at the time, was celebrating her 29th birthday. She's very down to earth (so I thought), is a vegetarian, very religious, and extremely earth friendly. I came up with the perfect birthday present; I had a star named after her. I paid for the naming and about a week later received all the information in the mail. Among the items I received was a star chart that showed the exact location of the star. So the night of her birthday, I borrowed a telescope, bought a bottle of wine, and set everything up. She lives out of town which was absolutely perfect to star gaze and the weather cooperated as well and gave us a perfect clear sky. The time came; I led her outside, opened the bottle poured two glasses and led her to the telescope where I unveiled everything. She then proceeded to laugh, thinking that it was a joke…until she realized my sincerity and then got mad that I didn't put any thought into the gift, and refused to talk to me all night. Needless to say we didn't make it long after that, and for those wondering having a star named after someone isn't cheap, it cost me about $200 and is non-refundable. Anyone want to buy a star?