Me: Got any suggestions for me today grooveshark?
Grooveshark: Why yes MrTomHill I have, try this killers song you didn't know existed.
Me: wow! Grooveshark that is perfect! 
Grooveshark: isn't it always? Oh and I know how you like indie so here's something else you like 
Me: WOW again Grooveshark, that's perfect! 
Grooveshark: Yes it is! Hey Tom, you tried this new thing? Heroin 
Grooveshark: I always suggest what will make you happy Tom, and you can always downsmile it 
Me: Yea ok, I'll try it for you grooveshark Grooveshark: Great! If you like that try this new milkshake, Dettol.
Me: Are you sur- 
Grooveshark: Now I suggest you sign over your belongings to Mr. G-Shark