Veryveryhotgirl69 has entered the room.

MrBoner88 has entered the room.

MrBoner88: hey there baby are you as hot as your name suggests?

Veryveryhotgirl69: hello sugar

Veryveryhotgirl69:  your about to find out

MrBoner88: me likey. Now how do you want to do this?

Veryveryhotgirl69:your the sexy doctor and im the very hot patient coming in for a checkup. Im sitting naked on the table waiting for you to come in. i start to touch myself while i wait. Now you come in

MrBoner88: i come in with a big boner.

MrBoner88:  i start to kiss your mouth with my mouth.

Veryveryhotgirl69:mmm it feels good. i stroke your big boner while we kiss

MrBoner88: i nibble on your nipples erotically. i gently caress your breasts

Veryveryhotgirl69:dont be gentle baby squeeze em

MrBoner88: i do. Mmm theyre nice. i i feel something

Veryveryhotgirl69:yeah baby

MrBoner88: I think I feel a lump


MrBoner88: A lump. It’s protruding from the bottom of your left breast. I think I should run some tests.

Veryveryhotgirl69:stop this isnt funny

MrBoner88: You’re right. Breast cancer is no laughing matter. Almost 40,000 people die from it annually.

Veryveryhotgirl69:get back to the sex

MrBoner88: Listen. As your doctor I strongly advise you have this lump checked out. Especially now. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so it’s not only urgent to your health but it’s seasonable as well. Here, I can give you the name of a good oncologist.

Veryveryhotgirl69: i said stop it! Get back to the sex or im leaving

MrBoner88: Fine. Whatever you want.
MrBoner88: I gently caress your breasts

Veryveryhotgirl69: mmm there you go

MrBoner88: I nibble on your lump erotically

Veryveryhotgirl69: SCREW YOU MR BONER!!!

MrBoner88: that’s doctor boner to you

Veryveryhotgirl69 has left the room.