If you are planning to vacation in the lovely town of Carmel located in scenic Putnam county there is a few things you need to know before coming. Recently we have had some problems relating wolfs in the horsepound rd. area. If you are confronted by one or more of these wolfs please do not confront them, they are stronger and much angrier than normal wolfs. Walk away from the wolfs slowly, if they become more agitated you should either lay down on the ground and throw what ever you have at them or climb a tree and tease them. There have been a number of thefts in the lake Carmel area that we believe have been caused by a man that always seems to be fishing. If it is a rainy day and there seems to be nothing to do please avoid the movie theater for there are two battling gangs of white farm children pretending to be black. If confronted by one or more of these gangs we suggest trying to turn your hat either sideways or backwards and then saying how you need to go to the ed hardy store.