Santo Codekas was born Santo Codekas to two devout parents in Death Valley, California. His parents named him Santo because they misunderstood their priest's command of naming him AFTER a saint, not just naming their child, "Saint". However kind their intentions were, Santo grew up in times of strife, and was born in the hell fire of the playground at his Catholic school. There he learned to never make fun of the nuns by hiding in their habits and pretending he was the Holy Ghost.Santo was always a holy lad. He would constantly run around the ankles of the adults and point out their vast sins, while retaining his childlike innocence. Later he went on to the world famous institution of learning; Holy Cross College in Indiana. There he became a double major in Theology and Literature, with a minor in Kick Ass-ery. He was famous for his causing of Christian Chaos as well as his smoking of cigars. In his spare time, Santo Codekas preach the good word, making converts at every place he talked. When one tiny pagan village rejected his teaching of the Real Presence in the wine used at communion, he went to their water source and turned water into wine, back into water, then wine, water, warm water, icy water, back to wine, red wine, then white wine, then left it as good ole two buck chuck. Santo Codekas finally died at the age of 69. He left behind a legacy of celibacy and sexual respect that will last for ages to come. Santo Codekas is known as the Patron Saint of Literature, Cigars and Christian Chaos. This shrine has been erected in his honor and is a major tourist attraction at which many fine foods and condiments are sold alongside religious paraphernalia. The claims of, "Santo's Children" are completely unsubstantiated and the Steward of the Shrine would ask the supposed children to stop spreading false rumors, no matter what DNA tests show.