Now that the World Cup has ended, many people have found out they no longer have a need for their Vuvuzelas. Here are some ideas to get more use out of your favorite toy.


Safety Whistle – Walking to your car at night can be a terrifying experience. Keep your Vuvuzela in hand and it could save your life. 

(Girl blowing a vuvuzela at muggers face. Mugger in stocking cap and mask grabbing his ears because it's so loud.)

Beer Bong - Need to get drunk but hate wasting time? Turn your Vuvuzela up and it's a fast track to alcohol poisoning. Spring Break 2011 anyone?

(Guy bonging with Vuvuzela in the air at a beach. Wine bottle stuck in the top. Chicks in bathing suits cheering.)

Donate to Lady Gaga – If Lady Gaga can turn Kermit the Frog into a dress I'm sure she can think of something to do with these things.

(Lady Gaga with Vuvuzelas on her chest and a bunch put together as a skirt.)


Peg Leg Pirate – Lost one of your legs? Sorry bro. At least now you can color coordinate with your new Vuvuzela peg leg. Comes in 8 fashionable colors.

(Pirate looking at a closet full of different colored Vuvuzela. Holding one in hand in happiness.)


Become a Clown Assassin – Balloon animals? Check. Squeaky red nose? Check. Vuvuzela Blow Dart Gun. Check. The last thing your target will hear is the sweet sound of BBBZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!

(Clown with kids around him playing with balloons. "Bad Guy" holding neck with a dart sticking out. Guys in suits and sunglasses surround Bad Guy confused.)