Int. Indy's Lecture Hall – Day

Indy leans against his desk, talking with Brody and two army officers, COLONEL MUSGROVE and MAJOR EATON.

MUSGROVE: Yesterday, one of our European sections intercepted a Nazi communique from Cairo to Berlin.  We don't quite know what to make of it.

Musgrove takes a sheet from his briefcase.

MUSGROVE: Here it is.  "Tanis development proceeding.  Acquire head piece staff of Ra, Abner Ravenwood, US."  What do you make that?

INDY: Well obviously the Nazis have discovered Tanis.

EATON: Tanis?

INDY: It all has to do with the Ark of the Covenant.  See-

A young army OFFICER runs into the room, a small sheet of paper in his hand.

OFFICER: Sorry to interrupt, gentlemen, but we just intercepted a new communication from the Nazis, I thought you should know.

He hands the sheet to Musgrove who reads it.

MUSGROVE: "Begun digging without headpiece. Started with big temple-looking building in center of city. Ark of the Covenant acquired. Cheers."

INDY: The Nazis have the Ark!

BRODY: The Bible tells of it leveling mountains and laying waste to entire regions. An army which carries the Ark before it is… invincible.

INDY: We have to get moving, we're already behind!

A SECOND OFFICER comes running into the room, also holding a piece of paper.

SECOND OFFICER: Pardon the interruption, but we just received this telegram from one of our agents in Cairo.

He hands the paper to Musgrove.

MUSGROVE: "Ark opened by Nazi commander. Entire German division destroyed. No survivors. Egypt liberated."

EATON: Good God.

BRODY: Yes, that's just what the Hebrews thought.

INDY: They must have opened the Ark and looked inside.

BRODY: Of course!

EATON: Wait…what?

INDY: You can't look inside the Ark, the Ten Commandments are in there.

EATON: You're talking about THE Ten Commandments?

INDY: Yes, the actual Ten Commandments, the stone tablets that Moses brought down out of Mount Horeb and smashed.  If you look at them you die.  Didn't you guys ever go to Sunday school?

EATON: Every week for twelve years actually, and I don't remember learning that you're not supposed to look at the Ten Commandments.

MUSGROVE: I've never heard that either. Are you sure?

INDY: Yeah…I'm pretty sure it's in the Bible somewhere.

MUSGROVE: Well, thank you for your time, but it looks like we won't be needing your services after all.

Musgrove, Eaton and the two officers exit.

BRODY: So, what do you want to do now?

INDY: We could recover the golden idol Belloq stole from me.  I figure there's only one place he can sell it, Marrakesh.  Two, three thousand dollars and it's ours.

BRODY: So…he only wanted it to sell it?

INDY: Well it's not like he's going to keep it over his fireplace.

BRODY: And you're willing to pay for it?

INDY: I assume the museum will reimburse me.

BRODY: As always.  But, if he wants to sell it and you want to buy it, then why all the fighting over it in the first place?

INDY: I'm making this up as I go?

BRODY: Look, you and Belloq are both great at what you do, but you get held back by competing with each other even though your interests aren't really at odds. If you just teamed up you would accomplish so much more.  You two could be top men.

INDY: What?

BRODY: Top… men.