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I broke up with my girlfriend because I found a strategy guide for Mario Galaxy 2 in her room. I don't date cheaters.

A couple weeks ago there were tornado warnings all over my county. When the sirens went off I ran upstairs, emptied my dresser drawer, stuffed it with soft clothes, unplugged my N64, shut it in the drawer, grabbed my phone and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Gold Edition and ran into the basement.

I recently installed an electricity outlet inside the bathroom of our house so that my DS won't run out of power while I'm doing my business.

I made over $200 in tips last week. I spent it all on Rock Band DLC.

I had a statistics professor who tried to humiliate me with a difficult question. The joke was on him, because I know the first 4 digits of the chi square distribution function with 1 degree of freedom by heart.

My best guy friend got me to go to prom with him by bribing me with a rare Pokemon.

I went on vacation to Europa Park in Germany with my family when I was younger. They have a big radio telescope there. I was passionate about astronomy and excited to try it. When we got there, it was closed. I cried both inside and out.

I put off joining the Peace Corps for two years so that I won't miss the theatrical release of Batman 3.