Or, as some would like to call them, the most normal games in Japan. 

  I, am a solid PS3 user, and am very confident in what my favorite console has to offer.  From the classic Metal Gear Solid 4, to the ever-popular LittleBigPlanet, there are many good ps3 exclusives.  But some, are just downright terrible.  Here is my top ten of the worst Sony games ever.  

Five: WTF: "Work Time Fun"

  Despite the 6.4 (Passable) rating from IGN, Work Time Fun is far from it.  There is on plot whatsoever, it is pretty much just a list of "work related" mini games that you have to complete, and that is all.  The title gets the entire games review in to a simple three words……….  You CAN have some fun with it though, if you want some people around you to feel extremely agitated around you, then you can play with the sound all the way up.  There seems to be only ONE sound in the entire game whatsoever, and that seems to be as annoying as 100,000 vuvuzelas screaming in your face.  In conclusion, I didn't really tell you that much about this game, because I played one level of it, then returned it to my local Gamestop.

 Here is a link to a review of it: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZYM86O3l-k

Four:  Beyblade

  Ah, yes, the classic game of Beyblades, where you put a plastic disc inside of a plastic stick, and propel it towards a plastic board filled with thousands of spectators to see who's beyblade, or blade, or is it bey? will survive longest.  No, seriously guys, these are these kid's lives.  In this game made for PS1, you are transported to a remote island in Asia, where these plastic toys are the only sign of actual civilization. 
The game's actual atmosphere is filled with extremely offensive stereotypical Asian people, at some times picking rice in the background of your match.  The matches typically last 5-10 seconds long, with you controlling your own little plastic disc thing, trying to ram it into your opponent's.  
Here is a link to a video of a Beyblade game, probably what the programmers though it should be like:

Three:  Kiss Pinball

Rated T for T-T-T-T-T-Treacherous!
In many places, especially in State College PA, there is a pinball machine of some sort.  So, at first glance, Kiss Pinball sounds like a kind of boring game, with not many flaws in general, because it shouldn't be that difficult to make a simple pinball game.  That, is completely wrong to say the least.  The game is terrible.  In general.