Voice 1: Hey, man! Woah, you're finally following through with that workout? Chill, chill. You're breathing's getting kinda heavy, so, you know, if you need to take a brake, feel free. You know, you kinda have already done a lot, maybe you should just stop for the day. Three minutes can be really rough, especially if it's stretches You can just take on the other 57 minutes later. Or never…

Voice 2: FUCK NO! You are NOT shittin' out on me now! You will finish this, and then do it ALL OVER AGAIN! TWICE! You do NOT stop until you are lying on the ground, DEAD!

*10 minutes later…

Body: What the hell, bro? I mean first, you lie around, eating potato chips, playing video games all day, and now you expect me to do 25 chin ups, push ups, squats, and all that crap?! What are you thinking? Stomach over here is about to return all the food you've given him, and I think Heart is about to explode!

Voice 1: Yeah, maybe it's time to take that break I was talking about, man.

Reason: Yeah, you're heart's going a little too fast, just give it a couple minutes to slow down. There you go, that's much better, isn't it? Now let's keep going!

Voice 1: I was thinking you could just stop…

Voice 2: Why the hell would you stop, maggot?! If you ain't dyin' you ain't tryin'!

Reason: Okay, seriously guys? C'mon, this is important for your health, you can't push yourself too much, or too little, neither are healthy for you. So just shut up, okay?

Voice 1: Fine, but…

Reason: SHUT UP!

Voice 2: Maggoty-ass whimp…

Reason: What was that? 

Voice: Nothing!

*30 minutes later, the workout is almost done.

Reason: See, this isn't too bad, is it? Just 10 min-

Voice 1: Give up NOW! You've put in too much work!


Body: What? Hell no, I've been with the first guy since the start!

Hey guys, I know you're kind of in the middle of an argument right now, but if you could please keep this up, it would probably make me feel so much better. Body, even you will feel so much better in a little while, you've just gotta keep this up!

Reason: Thank you, Self-Esteem. Finally, another reasonable voi-

Self-Esteem: Also, I will probably die if you don't get all the way through with this.

Reason: Well, that's a bit extreme…

*5 minutes later…

Body: I just can't do it anymore!

Voice 1: So quit, it's all cool, dude.

Reason: C'mon, just make that last push, it's almost to the cool down, that'll feel so much-

Body: SHUT UP, Reason! 

Self-Esteem: So we didn't make it?

Reason: I suppose so…

Self-Esteem: Well, I guess I'm dead, then.

Body: Oh, be quiet, you've been dead since puberty.

Voice 2: Pussy.

Body:And I am SOOOOO gonna make you pay for this later. You have no idea how sore I can make you…