Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? Do they use words like "MyFace,""SpaceBook,"or "The World Wide Web?"
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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

My dad just told me he'd found a great new site called 'Wikipedionary' when I asked him if he was talking about Wikipedia, he asked me if I was also reading the AOL newsletter.
Yee He

My mom and I will be watching TV for an hour, seeing advertisements for a brand new episode premiering at, let's say, nine. The time comes around, I'll turn on the show and the narrator will say, "On the last episode of.." and show clips from the last episode. Every time, without fail, my mom will yell, "We've already seen that one! They got the times wrong!"
Joey Crant

My parents have had a computer for more than 5 years. My dad recently asked me why his "screens disappear" when he clicks on the red X in the corner.
Scott M

My mum insists that if we don't keep the GPS in our hands, held out towards the windshield, it won't "see the sky". Attempts to inform her that it's just like a cell phone, and can work even in my lap end with her screaming that she knows how it works, she read the manual. The manual wants you to put the GPS in the GPS holder, but she doesn't want to stick it on her dash because she's afraid it will mess up the plastic. …I sit in the back for long car rides now.
Kit Dani

My mom thought that the charger for my laptop was also the charger for her cell phone. Her reason: they both charge things.
Jenna O

My younger brother is going off to college in a few weeks and my mom just asked me "The computer I got him comes with windows 7 pro, will that have the internet?"
Matt Spaly from Michigan State

I made my mother a facebook account so that she could stay in touch with her friends. I asked her to go to someone's profile because I heard they had an interesting post, so she continued to go to account —> settings —> friend list —> edit friends and then scroll down through her list of 200 friends until the person came up. She was utterly flabbergasted when I showed her how to use the search bar on the main screen, but she still does it "her way" because she's "used to it."
Kelsie Anderson from Husson Univeristy

My aunt just bought a laptop. My dad is setting up her laptop for her, and I started setting up a gmail account on my laptop. After a lot of "No, don't use the same word for your security question AND your password", "The government already knows your birthday, so it doesn't matter if Google knows, too", I finally got it set up. Then she says, "So…wait…if you set up the email on your computer, how will I get it on my computer?"
Christine S

While studying abroad last semester, i would video chat with my parents. Anytime they wanted to browse pictures i had loaded to facebook, they would make my brother bring them his laptop so they could video chat and look at pictures at the same time. They insisted this was easier than simply opening a new tab.
christina G. from university of scranton

My dad got really upset one day and wanted to delete his facebook account, he said it was because of privacy issues, but I found out later somebody made him mad on Mafia Wars.

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