I was raised on movies. Sure comics and computer games also littered my childhood, but movies and TV shows have always been the main thing! Number one in my life! 
    With that in mind it should have come as no surprise to me that most of my morals are based on the teachings of movies and cartoons.
    It did however shock me to find that everything that has happened to me in the last 23 years I can quite happily link to the silver screen.
    Films and television are my bible and I happily live by the laws that they have set down.
    Take for example The Real Ghostbusters. Possibly the greatest cartoon ever made.
    An episode called Ragnarock'n'roll in which a guy called Jeremy tries to destroy the world because his girlfriend wouldn’t marry him!
    The part that has always stuck with me is towards the end of the episode. Jeremy and his comic relief side kick Ditilio, a grey hunchback who has no interest in destroying the world, face off against the Ghostbusters and Jeremy’s now ex-girlfriend on a roof top.
    The busters decide the only way to stop him is to overload the proton packs and blow him up. Unfortunately the blast will take everyone on the roof with it! The girl friend tries to reason with him to avoid this explosive end.
    See what I mean? Straight away we’ve learnt that reason should be employed before violence, and that sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself for the sake of others and the greater good.
    In the midst of the action a strong gust of wind blows the ex-girlfriend towards the edge of the building, she would have fallen if not for Ditilio knocking her back to safety, at the expense of his own sure footing.
    Ditilio manages to grab a stone gargoyle and hangs helplessly, Jeremy seeing his side kick in peril runs to his aid but is shocked to find that Ditilio isn’t interested in Jeremy’s help.
What follows is a powerful conversation.
     Ditilio states that Jeremy is a fool for blaming the world for all his sorrows, that Jeremy was given everything and wasted it all on hate and jealousy while Ditilio himself was given nothing.
    "Look at me! Yes I’m twisted and I’m ugly but at least I’m still human. I will have more love in my going out then you ever will!"
    Powerful words!
    So after Jeremy sees the error of his ways he reels Ditilio in and the show wraps up with some typical Ghostbusters greatness.
    The message is simple. It doesn’t matter what you look like, inside is where shit really counts.
 If something happens that upsets or hurts you, don’t blame the world or someone else, just try and make things right.
    Thanks very much for reading.