Who needs candy? Or cheap red teddy bears? Or flowers? Or fancy dinners? Or sexy lingerie? Or companionship?

Who needs LOVE, people, when you’ve got LOST?

Singles won this week, since those of us who didn’t have some whiny bitch to overspend on at the Olive Garden got to sit home and cuddle up with our favorite islanders.

And what a treat indeed! It seems like years since we’ve checked in with our beach dwelling comrades. But, like slipping into bed with an ex, it was confusing and full of questions at first, but soon became comfortable and just what we needed.

Ok, I’ll stop the Valentine’s crap and get to it. Here’s what went down, in a Lost nugget:

Locke and Sayid (remember them?) tell Charlie and Hurley that Eko has died. Desmond has a premonition and saves Claire from drowning, drawing suspicion to his possibly psychic powers. The rest of the episode is largely a flashback style “time travel” that Desmond experienced after the hatch had blown up. In this sequence (possibly just a dreamlike concussion state), Desmond is thrust back into the real world a few years prior – when he was still with Penny – and, in that sequence, he has premonitions of his future.

Here’s what we learn:

1. Mini-boo! I’m a little disappointed. While this episode did reintroduce the dichotomy of faith and science, I don’t really think that Desmond’s flashback was ambiguous enough. It seemed too obvious that it was just a result of the concussion. But, maybe they are making it too obvious on purpose? We do, however, get confirmation that Desmond has some sort of psychic abilities on the island.

2. No matter how many times you show commercials for 300, Ghost Rider, or Wild Hogs, there is no way that anyone who watches Lost is stupid enough to see any of those films.

3. We are reminded about weather, with the rain in the flashback, and the mention of the predicted lightning. I’d like to point out that weather plays an important role in this series. Notice how it rains at very specific times on the island, like when people are doing things they really shouldn’t be. Keep in mind that it is very expensive for a television series to shoot in the rain. So, if it’s raining, it’s probably for a reason. I’m convinced that the Others – or someone on the island – control the weather.

4. Dominic Monaghan’s contract may be up. Desmond predicted Charlie’s imminent death.

5. We learn that Penny’s father is a real douche bag. We had inklings of this before, but now we know for sure: Douche Bag Central. The Republic of Douche Bag. Douche Bags ‘R’ Us.

6. Time may pass differently on the island than it does in the rest of the world. This is most evident when we see that Claire is wearing skinny jeans, which TOTES did not become popular in the rest of the world until well after flight 815 crashed. Hmmmmm….curious.