Reporter 1: Tiger, what's been wrong with your game lately?

Tiger Woods: Ya know, I'm really not sure.

Reporter 2: Is it your swing?

Tiger Woods: I guess that's possible.

Reporter 3: Nagging injury?

Tiger Woods: No, no injuries to report.

Reporter 4: Just in a funk?

Tiger Woods: Gee, I dunno, guys. Maybe it's because of all the shit that happened to me?

Reporter 1: Huh?

Tiger Woods: Ya know, all the shit. All the shit that happened? Maybe that's why I'm not playing well.

Reporter 2: So it's not because your swing is off?

Tiger Woods? Swi- Swing? Are you serious? I just went through a bunch of serious shit. How about YOU go through a bunch of shit and then try to win a golf tournament.

Reporter 3: So you're saying an injury isn't to blame for your dip in play?

Tiger Woods: Let me see if I can clarify this for you guys. A bunch of shit just happened to me. Remember? As a result of that shit, my life is now shitty. So if my life is shitty, which it currently is, then my game is going to be shitty. 

Reporter 4: So you ARE in a funk.

Tiger Woods: Jesus, fine, yes. I'm in a funk. I'm in a funk. Happy?

Reporter 4: Any reasons for the funk, Tiger?

Tiger Woods: Holy shit.