Couple of weeks back I found sheets of paper with 119 lines of "ideas". No name was given to "The List"
1,Watch the sunset together.
2,Take showers together.
3,Back rubs/massages
4,Listen to classical music and cuddle in the dark.
5,French kiss.
6,Hold her w/hands inside the back of her shirt.
7Whisper to each other.
8,Cook for each other.
9,Skinny dip,
10,Make out in the rain
11,Undress each other.
12,Dress each other.
13,Kiss every part of her body.
14,Hold hands.
15,Sleep together.
16,One word * Foreplay.
17,Sit and talk in underware
18,Buy gifts for eachother
20,Find out favorite cologne/perfume and wear it whenever together.
21,Wear his clothes   (WTF?)
22,Find a nice secluded place to lie and watch the stars.
23,Icense/candles/ blacklights and music make great for sex/cuddling
24,Kiss at every chance
25,Dont wear underware and let them find out
26,Kinky bad * blindfold good
27,Lightly kiuss collar bone & jawbone just below ear whisper i love you
28,Bubble baths
29,Go for long walks down beach at midnite
30,make love
31,Write poetry for each other
32,Kiss/smell her hair  (WTF Kiss her hair?)
33,Hugs are the Universal medicine
34,Say I love you, and make sure they Know it
35,Give random gifts
36,Tell her she is the only girl you ever want
37,Spend every second possible together
38,Tell her she doesnt have to do anything she doesnt want
39,Look into each others eyes
40,Very lightly lift her chin, look in her eyes tell her you love her and kiss her lightly
41,Talk to each other using only body language + eyes
42,When in public only flirt with eachother
43,Walk behind her + put hands in her front pockets  (WTF Walk behind her)
44,Put love notes in eachothrs pockets without then seeing
45,Clothes are no fun
46,Buy her a ring
47,Keep one of her bras were you see it everyday (Serial killer or wat?)
48,Sing to eachother
49,Read to each other
50,Public Display of Affection
51,Take advantage of anytime done
52,Tell her how you ansered every question in math with her name (WTF)
53,Draw if you can
54,Let her sit on your lap
55,Go hiking+camp out in woods (Serial killer)
56,Lips were made foe kissing,So were eyes,fingers, cheeks,collerbone,hands + ears (Serious WTF)
57,Kiss her stomach
58,Always hold her around. PS
59,Guys like half shirts ( WTF Is he gay too?)
60,Take her 2 dinner + dinner 4 2?
61,Spaghetti>Lady+the tramp
62,Hold her hands stare in her eyes,kiss her hand, then put it over your heart (HAHAHAAHA)
63,Unless you feel there heart beating you arent close enough (WTF Serial killer)
64,Dance together
65,Sit in front of fire and make out/love
66, I Love the way a girl looks right after she falls asleep with her head in my lap
67,Carry her to bed
68,Water beds are fun
69,You figuire it out
70,Do cute things like write I love you so they need a mirror to read it
71,Break every one of parents rules for them ( Wat a faggot)
72,Make excuse to call evet 5 mins ( Thats harrassment right there)
73,Even if your busy call + say i love you
74,Call from holiday to say I love you
75,Remember dreams and share
76,Ride your bike to see them for a few hours
77,Ride home + call her (what a little bitch)
78,Tell each other sacred secrets/fears
79,Somehow incorperate them into any kind of religion/worship. ( Ok you just read it hes a pyscho wat the fuck!!!)
80,Be prince charming to her parents
81,Act out mutual fantasies ( Rape or murder? maybe torture hes defo a serial killer)
82,Brush her hair out of her face
83,Stay up all night to think of 101 ways to be sweet (Is that what this list is?)
84,Hang out with his/her friends (his????????)
85,Go to church together (WAT?)
86,Take her to romantis movie + remember bits she liked
87,Cuddle together under full moon
89,Learn from each other + dont make same mistake ( Like leaving the murder weapon behind)
89,Everyone deserves a second chance
90,Describe joy of being together
91,Make sacrifises for each other (Like cutting a chickens head off on a alter?)
91,Really love each other- or dont stay together
93,Write fictional story how you fell in love
94,Let them no there isnt a second you arent thinking of them (He has prob killed at least one girl……….or guy)
95,Love yourself before you love anyone else
96,Learn to say sweet things in foreign languages
97,Dedicate songs to them on the radio
98,Fall asleep on phone together
99,sleep naked together
100,Stand up for them when somone talks trash
101,Never forget to kiss good nite + always say goodnite
102,Dinner in bed. breakfast
103,Ly in bed wit candle lit
104,Tie eachother you ;) lol
105,discover 1 new thing about eachothers body
106,Take bath together
107,Ly on floor in front of fire
108,cook naked
109,for 1 day kiss evey hour
110,do somthing new together
111,wet t-shirt competition I was promised
112,take more pisctures together. 1 everytime we do somthing
113,go for a walk
114, camp in a tent
115,go for a drive somwhere romantic. picnic
116,play twister. clothes optional
117,play strip poker
118,go for a walk at night on a full moon

Thats where it ends, Ladies and gentlemen you have just read "The List" is it finished? Does he have more serial killer ideas I just dont know.
Any mistakes were intentional cause i copied staight from "The List" and I want you to read it as i read it.
Oh and dude if you find this sorry but this stuff was just way too fuking funny comedy gold