This guy Bo was at the Houston Astro's game on Tuesday.  He was taking his lady to a game, looking like a douchebag with his sideways "Zoo York" hat on. Here's what a convo with Bo probably sounds like.

Bro #1- Nice Zoo York hat, you don't even own a skateboard

Bo- Bro, I'm a skater. 

Bo's GF- You're not a skater Bo, you play the piano, and read Jodie Piccoult. 

Bo- Yo, shut up, "House Rules" was a good book.  Whatever bro, you're so getting Iced for this.

So, anyway, he's at the game with Sarah, his girlfriend, who was actually pretty cute.  She claimed that she knew she was going to get hit by the ball, and told him, so for the rest of the post we will call her Ms. Cleo.  Bo, being a chivalrous knight of the south, said something to the effect of "Punkin face, I gotchoo, no ball is touchin' my lady!".  Just a few moments later, the ball is hit at Bo and Ms. Cleo!  Bo went to save her, but then remembered that a baseball may hurt him, and jumped out of the way like a member of the Russian Ballet.

A fictional conversation in the car on the way home.

Ms. Cleo- You're a real pansy, Bo.

Bo- That's what you get for refusing to buy your own hot dog!  I'm not made of money!

Ms. Cleo- Whatever, you jumped out of the way of a baseball on live TV and let a girl get hit.  That was so girly, I feel like a lesbian dating you.

Bo- Just, shut up, I just want to listen to Switchfoot in silence.

Ms. Cleo got rocked, and they got interviewed about the whole thing later on, which was hilarious.  The reality of all this is that since he's a bro, he probably thought about all the frat boy jokes he'd be the butt of, about "catching balls" (When you see this kid, you won't think that me calling him a frat boy is too judgmental) and jumped out of the way.  Oh well, I know when my ego takes a hit, I do a few pushups, drink a Natty Ice and I'm as good as new.  I'm sure he'll do the same.

Here's a link to the play via deadspin.  //