Cutscenes: Argument w/ Significant Other

Most of the time you'd rather just skip ahead and get to the good stuff, but arguments can be an important part of a relationship and help it progress. Unfortunately, a lot of fights end up being way too long and can lose your attention. But be weary: Spacing out and randomly saying "Yes- can help you get through it faster, but you might agree to something you didn't mean to. Now you're at a whole different stage of your relationship with no idea how you got there.

Level Ups: Birthdays

There's nothing more exciting than getting a level up, and any kid's tenth birthday party is just as exciting. Enough birthdays and you'll unlock new skills like driving, voting, and buying porn. Plus you'll get all kinds of cool alcoholic power-ups to give to anyone who joins your party. The downside is that once you progress to a certain point, birthdays become repetitive and depressing. It can start to seem like an eternity between each one, and when nothing cool happens, you just end up disappointed.