Bartender: What would you like to drink?

T.Y.O: I’d like a large alcohol.

Bartender: Okay. What type?

T.Y.O: The kind my dad always orders.

Bartender: Um, what did it look like?

T.Y.O: It was kinda yellowy. And had ice cubes.

Bartender: That’s probably Scotch. Did it come in a short glass?

T.Y.O: Yes. But I want a large. Like in the glasses you serve Shirley Temples in. And could I have no ice? It hurts my teeth.

Bartender: Hey, wait a second. Can I see some ID?

T.Y.O: Certainly.

Bartender: I’m sorry for the trouble, Doctor. You look awfully young.

T.Y.O: You’re just doing your job.

Bartender: So a Scotch in a 16 oz. glass with no ice.

T.Y.O: Yes, and don’t forget the bendy straw.