We shall start this textual documentary with the easiest but most frowned upon way to achieve this goal. It is simple, but tasteless.

Step One: Buy a video camera
Step Two: Remove all clothing
Step Three: Revel in your glory

However, if you are unattractive, have no appealing body parts, are religious, or would enjoy saving your dignity. Try using one of these other methods.

Step One: Gain a sense of humor
Step Two: Be in college
Step Three: Have very emo hair or an abnormally high voice
Step Four: Will also need a video camera, but nudity is unnecessary
Step Five: Do funny things and capture them on your video camera. Whether this is your real life or completely fake, make sure it will bring joy to someone, somewhere, at some point in time.

Step five is the most difficult, but we have a little tiny shred of faith in you.

Or, if you are not funny, have no sense in humor, or are a robot (being a robot is an added plus and will automatically give you the advantage over inferior beings), please feel free to utilize our last method.

Step One: Get a video camera (obviously needed for anything pertaining the internet)
Step Two: Do extremely stupid things (jumping off buildings, kicking people in the nads, etc.) and capture them on tape.
Step Three: Utilize these new found clips and spread them across the interwebs. If someone finds these funny, they will put them somewhere and they will spread even more.

Now we will end this textual documentary by saying one thing. Tits or GTFO.