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I made myself throw up twice at work the day after Starcraft II came out so I could go home and play.

While watching the movie "Get Smart," I paused the movie about 30 minutes in to calculate if the skydiving scene was realistic. I converted the plane's cruising height to the appropriate unit, found out how long it would take them to hit the ground, and varied for deceleration due to a brief parachute deployment. All in all the scene is plausible, but unlikely. I had to calculate everything twice because I forgot to vary for terminal velocity the first time.

I've noticed that whenever I drive a ball in Tiger Woods my butthole clenches up as if i'm actually hitting the ball.

I'm getting married in a few weeks and I managed to convince my bride-to-be to make our first dance as husband and wife the Mario Kart Love Song.

After a long session of WoW, I ended up screaming "Lok'tar O'gar!" (Which means Blood and Thunder in Orcish) in the bedroom. My girlfriend, who also plays WoW, responded with "DEATH TO ALL MORTALS! I AM SYLVANAS THE BANSHEE QUEEN!"

When Final Fantasy XIII came out, I played it for over 30 hours, getting up to go to the bathroom and drink Mountain Dew as needed (I ordered a pizza at some point as well). The whole time, I found it odd that I didn't rack up a single achievement for the first two discs. I was having fun though, so I decided to figure it out later. It turned out my roommate ignored the message that said "You will not be eligible for achievements if you continue" that popped up because my memory card was full. After sleeping for 16 hours, I woke up and replayed the first hour four separate times, trying to figure out why I couldn't get achievements. Frustrated, I deleted everything, moved my gamer tag to the hard drive, and started over. When the first achievement popped up, I was incredibly happy that I had solved the problem and played through the first two discs again.

My dad named me after Princess Leia.

After my biochemistry class ended one afternoon, I was walking across campus and saw a girl wearing sweatpants with the letters HCo on them. Excitedly, I began trying to figure out which organic acid it could be. I was confused when I realized that it didn't exist. Then I realized that the letters stood for Hollister Co.