Welcome to the Tonight Show, it’s nice to see all of you here tonight. Did you hear about this _________________ can you believe they _______________________?
       (Celebrity in the news)                             (Reason they are in the news)

Well President__________________ was in ________________ to talk about 

                           (Current President)               (City/Town/Country)

________________. The economy is in the news again. The Economy is so _________

   (News Item)                                                                                                   (Bad/Good) 

that people on Wall Street are _______________________. This ________________ 

                                                (Celebration/Suicide Method)               (Disaster)

just keeps getting worse. It’s gotten so bad ________________ said ________ is glad

                                                                     (Troubled Celebrity)         (He/She) 

it took the heat off of them. Have you seen this _______________________________?

                                                                           (Internet Video Popular 6 Months Ago)

Can you believe how _______________ that was? I can’t believe that. ____________

                                   (Amazing/Stupid)                                                  (Band Leader) 

how are you tonight? Did you hear that _____________ has banned 


_________________. As _________________________ would say

(Random News Item)          (Easily Impersonated Celebrity)                

____________________________. We have some great guests on the show tonight

  (Undecipherable Statement)                                                           

________________ is here, along with ________________ and musical guest

   (Celebrity)                                            (Marginal Celebrity)

________________. We’ll be right back with ________________. Come on back. 

  (Top 40 Artist)                                                (Time Filler Activity)