Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? Do they use words like "MyFace,""SpaceBook,"or "The World Wide Web?"
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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they ar

My dad, who does not use computers has been insisting that I teach him "the Craigslist" to sell stuff. So I taught him the digital camera, email, and actually posting to Craigslist. We get to the captcha and he gives up. Thanks for wasting 2 hours of my life.
jake white from University of Mary-Hardin Baylor

My dad was filling out a form to sign up for an account on something. He wanted to know how to type his answers to the form in bold because it said "Items in bold are required."
Katie Landry from Community College of Rhode Island

My mom is new to Facebook. She confuses News Feed with Chat all the time. When I update my status, she thinks I am speaking directly to her. When other people comment on it, she gets angry because "they shouldn't be able to interrupt our conversation."
Josef Morrissey from South Alabama

My mum was recently looking to buy a new phone so I thought I'd show her some good phones on my laptop. I showed her the iPhone and said to her, "It's a touchscreen, is that okay?" She said yes and then started touching my laptop screen. When I asked her what she was doing, she said, "You said it was touchscreen!" She still believes that I was just out to make her look stupid…
Olivia Thorne from england (UK)

My dad's still watching the 2010 Vancouver Olympics he taped on VHS.
Andrew T from Tennessee

Last night, I was in my room when my dad called up to me to that I had a phone call. When I picked up the phone, the line was dead, so I went downstairs to ask him who called. Apparently, he'd heard my cell phone vibrate when I got a text.
Glen Coco from UW-Madison

Once a month I get a call from the mom of one of my friends from high school saying, "My internet is not working, what should I do?" Every single time I tell her to unplug her cable modem and wireless router, wait 10 seconds, then plug them back in. It works every time. About a week after each of these events, I receive a check from her to pay for my help. It works for me.
Jake white from University of Mary-Hardin Baylor

We have 2 computers at home. My mom was using Computer A, but Windows had an error so I told her to use Computer B while I tried to troubleshoot. She sat down in front of B, took one look, and called me over to help her. "It's so different! How do I know which one to click?" I was confused, thinking she meant (say) a different OS, but both our computers use XP. On going over, she pointed out the MAJOR difference to me – a different wallpaper.
Kat G

My dad recently got a GPS. We happen to live in a small town with almost no service for any device including the GPS. He told me to turn the GPS on and get directions but the GPS kept saying it couldn't locate a satellite to get our current location. He insisted that it had nothing to do with our small town and it wasn't working because I was holding it in my hands and the "signal couldn't get through my hands and into the sky to find the satellite." I tried to tell him that it didn't matter if I held it and we just had to wait until we got a little farther out of town. Instead, he decided to hold the GPS out of the car's window until it said it located our position and he still thinks that is how it works.
Aimee Blais

My parents won't let me go on the site FMyLife on their computer. My mum believes that it's a site that gives computer virus's to people whose lives are already miserable. My dad believes that it's a pro-suicide site.

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