I'm going to be 24 and I realized that the opinions I had when I was younger greatly differ from what I think about them now.


Adam age 10

school: school is very important! I need to study and work hard so I can get into college and get a successful job!


the police: I love the police! They are there to help you and keep you safe!


drugs: Drugs are bad! Never do drugs or you won't get anywhere in life!


hobbies:skateboarding is awesome! I also play guitar but I only know "brain stew jaded" by Green Day!


Adam age 16:


School: School sucks man. Only way I can get through the day is on adderall dude. Adderall makes school awesome!


the police: Man fuck the police! They always give me shit for skateboarding man!


Drugs: Some drugs are alright to do like pot and adderall. They make you productive! I'd never do cocaine, heroin or other pills though!


hobbies: Smoking a bowl and then having band practice. then go to wendy's! then skateboard!


Adam age 18: