We asked, and you answered. We got a lot of really horrible submissions yesterday. We went through and weeded out the ones that involved beating, stabbing and McDonald's. The following are what we were left with.

Candidate #1: David had no plans for Valentines Day, but did plan on taking his girlfriend to a Monster Truck show over the weekend. He claimed, "It should be a blast."

Candidate #2: Brenton prepared a meal of under-cooked chicken and Tostitos for his girlfriend. He followed dinner in his filthy apartment with a rousing game of Halo 2 with his girlfriend and his roommate where he (allegedly) "kicked Brian's ass so hard."

Candidate#3: Aric went out yesterday and purchased a bottle of Tequila and 20 James Bond movies.  He also mentions, "I don't know what my girlfriend is up to."

Candidate #4: Charity's friend had been hinting to her boyfriend that she wanted to see the new Drew Barrymore movie, Music and Lyrics. Well the guy came through- he excitedly called his girlfriend yesterday and informed her that they could go to the movie for free, provided his 16 year old cousin Blake who works at the theatre goes with them.

Candidate #5: Jay decided against candy and cards this year. He instead sent his girlfriend an animated facebook gift. The reason she got the gift was "because facebook gave everyone a free gift today." He concludes by adding, "Nuff said."

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