Step 1- Make sure you set the scene.  You're from the country, you're doing something that's very country, and everyone is going to know about it.

Step 2- Pick a guy (or girl) that you'd love to hold hands with, and describe him ad nauseum.  In addition, describe moments that the two of you have had together, regardless of whether or not he knew you were having them.

Step 3-  Pepper in a little insecurity.

Step 4-  Incorporate something that teenagers will be able to relate to (high school, romeo and juliet, being 15, morning wood, whatever the hell you feel like.)

Step 5-  You must include a line about a door, it doesn't matter what type of door, any door will do.

Here's an example:


(verse) I'm here on a chair on the porch and leaves are fallin', I think back to when you touched my hand and looked at me, it wasn't by accident.  You have brown hair, and I love it when you wear the green sweatshirt with the bear on it.  It gives me butterflies because your eyes are like stars in the Louisiana sky, and your hair just compounds that smokey hazel stare.  My momma said, girl he won't care about your braces, and if he does, than he's just not for you.  Sometimes puberty hurts, I just want to scream.  So I…

(Hook) Opened up the slidin' glass door, you threw my heart on the floor, man high school is so hard. III know it's hard to believe but I find it hard to believe that you can't love me.  You're mine forever. (repeat)


Use these steps and create your very own Taylor Swift song!  You'll be a hit at the next big Spin the Bottle Party!