The Bald-dana
This Donald Trump BFF and cheese metal 80’s band frontman told Oprah he wore his signature paisley toupee during treatment for a brain hemorrhage because, "I want to go out rockin.'" Which is why he signed up for yet another reality show.

Worn by:  Bret Michaels

The Ma'am-dana
Was this gone-too-soon hip hop icon’s headpiece emulating Rosie the Riveter, your grandma in curlers, or that racially offensive lady on the syrup bottle? Whatever it was, ‘Pac made a piece of fabric look tough as hell, even while wearing it like a ladygirl.

Worn by:  Tupac Shakur


The Gran-dana
This country music O.G.'s bandana has been everywhere from The Grand Old Opry to on stage with Snoop Dogg. He's got versions bearing the Stars and Stripes as well as one with marijuana leaves for dressier occasions. Too bad your grandpa wears Sears-issue golf visors and watches CSI reruns.

Worn by:  Willie Nelson

The Mic-dana

You know you’ve made it big when your microphone stand has its own stylist. According to the band autobiography, this Aerosmith singer used his trademark fabric strips as a hiding spot for Quaaludes, Tuinals, DiscoRanchers, and all manner of old-timey drugs. Awesome.


Worn by:  Steven Tyler

The Trans-dana
This former GNR lead fuckup's forehead was a source of inspiration for everyone from grade school burnouts to haute couture douchelords who featured it in their runway shows. Now it holds in place a braided red weave that looks like it belongs on a shemale. A sad evolution, indeed.


Worn by:  Axl Rose


The Gang-dana

According to the song, this Greatest Rapper Alive and cough syrup aficionado wears his cloth in his right back pocket to signify his allegiance to the Bloods and around his neck to signify his lifelong dream of becoming a choo-choo train conductor.


Worn by:  Lil Wayne

The Working Man-dana

The Boss made millions by dressing like the Average Joe in tight Levis, a Hanes t-shirt, and this trademark red accessory. Try it, and the only things you’ll get will be an angry girlfriend and a bit part in a community theatre production of Grease.

Worn by:  Bruce Springsteen

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