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I bought the Blu-Ray edition of Halo Legends the day it came out, even though I don't own a Blu-Ray player.

I tricked my Highschool committee to play Nobuo Uematsu's Main Theme From Final Fantasy during our graduation ceremony by telling them it was a lesser known piece by Pachelbel.

At work, I frequently go to the bathroom to see if my Pokemon trades went through at the global trade station.

I get just as excited when my boyfriend gives me jewelry in WoW as I do when he gives me jewelry IRL.

I spent 8 hours Friday night playing World of Warcraft: the Board Game.

My boyfriend asked if he could play my copy of Pokemon: HeartGold for a bit. Not thinking anything of it, I said OK. 10 minutes later he informed me that he beat the 5th gym and gave me back my DS. Trying my best to hide my emotions, I pretended to save before shutting down. I spent the rest of the night annoyed that he thought it was alright to beat a gym "for me." It's my Pokemon game, not yours.

I watch Starcraft 2 match replays on Youtube at work.

When i was in middle school, I borrowed my friends SNES so I could masturbate to Chun li paused during her spinning bird kick.