FM: Awww yea, Friday night chyall. Let’s get showered up and meet up with the boyz baby!

BM: Yea. That sounds alright.

FM: Hell yea it sounds alright. We’s about to get wasted.

BM: Ok. Well that means we have to stop reading these hilarious texts that people definitely didn‘t make up and like… get ready…

FM: Hell yea! Brewskies in the shower?! I think so!

BM: Sure. Alright… uhhh, yea ok.

FM: What’s the freakin problem? You ready to do this thang?

BM: Yea, yea. It’s just, I’m a little tired already. Ya know?

FM: F*ck  that sh*t! We are gonna get wild tonight. Jobro’s in town and we are hittin’ up every bar in town biotch!

BM: Ugh. Alright. It’s just I was kinda thinking about chillin out for tonight.

FM: That’s all you ever wanna do. All we did today was play video games and look at stupid crap online. Let’s get sh*tty and tear it up!

BM: Well, I was planning on drinking mom’s booze and beating up pedestrians in GTA

FM: Really? Because… That. Sounds. AWESOME. Imma get my auto theft on. HARD.