To the establishment: Hello sir/madam, I just wanted to suggest an improvement in your services. Since your slogan emphasizes on a customer's "choices," might i suggest that when ordering a meal with chicken (say, the roasted chicken salad or the meals said to be high in fiber/protein), the customer should have the choice of having the piece of chicken grilled instead of roasted. I asked the operator who was taking down my orders if I may make a request to the "chef" for my chicken to be grilled, not roasted. The operator impatiently (and almost rudely) denied me. Kenny Rogers is an establishment that is quite successful without the requirement of the personal supervision of chefs and sous-chefs, but certainly this should not be an excuse for neglecting customers' preference to their own food, and should not be the reason for the substandard and unimpressive manner of transacting with a customer that your operator exhibited today (unfortunately I was not able to acquire her name.) I am well aware that Kenny Rogers Roasters is a fast food restaurant, not quite a 5 star fine-dining, yet it is respected and superior in the realm of fast food. (My premise being the fact that your food is served in plates, and is not as readily-packed and compact in wrapper like those of McDonald's or Jollibee). I hope that this letter is read and taken into account, and I expect a change in the nature of the services you offer. Going back to the promise of "CHOICES, CHOICES, CHOICES," unless these changes and improvements be made to suit the customer's likings of how their food should be cooked, I suggest you change your slogan, or be charged and tainted with false advertising.