(This is the story of a boy, and his remarkable journey that required no sleep at all)

(Day 1)
Insomnia is like that friend that always wants to interrupt you when you're reading a book, or watching a movie.

(Day 5)
Replace insomnia with telekinesis and I'd be ok with it.

(Day 11)
Insomnia and I are at a disagreement right now. So he decided to get even by keeping me awake.

(Day 17)
Insomnia and I are having a staring contest. What's the point. As soon as I fall asleep, he'll wake me up again.

(Day 23)
Insomnia and I are playing checkers. Even if I win this game, he still has me in checkmate. Well played sir, well played.

(Day 31)
Insomnia hacked my computer and now it's playing THIS over and over: //tinyurl.com/yg5zda4

(Day 37)
Who needs coffee when I have my friend Insomnia?

(Day 44)
Insomnia is the only guy I know that rings your doorbell when you're ready to sleep.

(Day 52)
I've blocked Insomnia on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace but he's still in my head. How does he do that?

(Day 58)
Insomnia vs. Sleep is like Kryptonite vs. Superman.

(Day 66)

(Day 67)
I'd like to dedicate the chorus of J Holiday's "Suffocate" to my friend Insomnia. Just replace breathe and love with sleep.

(Day 70)
Round 2! Insomnia vs. Sleeping Pill. Who wins? Cause Insomnia beat sleep back in Round 1 by a landslide.

(Day 74)

Round 3! Insomnia vs. Counting Sheep!

(Day 75)

The sheep did baaaad.

(Day 77)
What would Jesus do?

(Day 82)
I wish Insomnia was like Steve Urkel. So when I pester him to go home, he'd just be like "I don't have to take this! I'm going home!"

(Day 82 con't)
I don't even think Insomnia has a home honestly. He's more like a traveling salesman….that decides to stay the night.

(Day 85)
Insomnia: Showing up at my doors uninvited since '98!

(Day 88)
Magic 8 ball says: Day 89

(Day 89)
See we had Insomnia as kids too. We just didn't call it that. We called it: "I'm staying up late cause I'm a big kid now!"

(Day 93)
What we call Insomnia, Batman calls getting to creep around at night.

(Day 96)
It's not Insomnia guys. Voldemort is just working of a special breed of Dementors called Sleep Eaters.

(Day 98)
Now there are some benefits from Insomnia. If you go to sleep, this might happen to you. Exhibit Z: //tinyurl.com/2fmvz4a

(Day 98 con't)
Did anyone get the Exhibit Z joke? Cause…cause the letter Z usually signifies sleep, haha. No?

(Day 000)