Ugh. Well, I'm out. I'm going to grab something to eat, maybe go outside for a bit.
What are you talking about? We're here — look at that temple! How could you go now?

I don't know, I just finished that desert part just now, I feel like getting up. I only turned on my old PS2 for fun, for like a few minutes. Are you kidding me? This has been way harder for me than for you! Just… whatever. You mind moving me to that save point right there, at least? It's literally just out of arm's reach.

I'm already up, man. Besides, I saved it right before that battle with the Medusa things. Dude, think! I just climbed a wall for three fucken days to get to this point! If something happens to this game at this point, I gotta go back and do that all again! Cinematics are still real for us — the fact that it went so quickly for you actually makes it even harder on me!

Jeez, why don't you just jump off a cliff about it? What, you're a comedian now?