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It was snowy night in the middle of our Canadian winter. My girlfriend picked me up for work. On the way home I noticed the air conditioning button light was on in the van. As in a lot of vehicles, this button is marked by a snow flake. I promptly hit the button off and asked why she had it on. She angrily mashed the button back on and said "because it's for snow!!"


I started unofficially dating this girl last summer and we seemed to really be getting along. I was into her and she was into me, but she had just gotten dumped at the end of the last school year so she told me she wasn't ready for a relationship yet. I was okay with that because I thought she would come around eventually. Well she did come around eventually. She dumped me after several months of dating and then decided that she was ready for a relationship with someone else 3 days later.


Recently, my long distance boyfriend dumped me because he was depressed about not being able to see me in person. He then made it worse by ending the conversation by saying he loved me like a sister.


Today, me and my girlfriend were fooling around on my mac using photobooth. I put on the "x-ray" filter, which just puts the picture in negative. She quickly shut my laptop and said that too many x-rays can give you cancer.

-Rich S.

My girlfriend is the jealous type. Like way jealous. So one night before going to sleep we were joking around until she (not being really serious) said that she could have had many other guys. It didnt even bother me when she started telling me the names of the guys she actually ment. I knew she was just trying to get me jealous. Knowing that I'd cause an infinitely long and by then really, really serious fight if I would try to top her I just said "I'm not gonna count and tell you all the names" and turned around. I just ment it as in "I don't want to upset you by something this meaningless" but soon realized the big potential of misunderstanding because she thought I ment there were to many girls to start telling her their names. (That's not completely untrue but of no matter here.) So she started getting herself in a rage by trying to guess what girls I ment. It only took her like three, four names until she snapped and poured a whole bottle of water exactly in my ear and all over my head. Remember: We were in the bed and just about to sleep. I made her change sides so she had to sleep on the wet spot. I still think it's pretty impressive to piss my girl off by trying to not get in a fight with her.


For the rest of my second semester Freshman year of college, I enjoyed the constant companionship of a lady. We constantly went at it like rabbits…before class, after class, bedtime, waking up, breakfast lunch and dinner. It was awesome. One afternoon, after smoking and munching hard on some cafeteria food, she started complaining about how much her stomach hurts. It would soon go away, and after an awesome episode of the Universe, we decided to have sex. Ten-Fifteen minutes of pumping action, I immediately started smelling copper. Stoned me ignores it, and continues on. Several moments later, I felt the not-so awesome gushiness of blood spilling onto my man-bits. Like Neo, I Matrix'd out of the air and saw the blood on my tiger. Stoned me freaked out and ran into the hall crying out that my dick broke.