I don’t like motor racing. Grand Prix, Le Mans, NASCAR; all of these sports hold no interest for me. But they should. I like cars, I like competitive atmospheres and boy do I like speed.  So my adoration for every single driver that has ever stepped into a Formula 1 car should reach the heavens. But I can’t shake the fact it is very, very dull.

Nothing ever happens. Whoever has the most money starts in the lead. And whoever starts in the lead wins because overtaking is nigh on impossible. If you do try do pass someone a grumpy man waves a flag at you and your team is banished from racing for all eternity. It seems you can’t overtake, adjust your seat or pull a funny face without a race official using semaphore to tell you off.

That’s why, at an athletics fixture, a told I friend of mine, who genuinely enjoys motor racing, that I could only watch it if the cars were fitted with machine guns and no one over takes because they simply blow up the cars in front. That’s when he told me about the film “Death Race”. He guaranteed it would have enough gore, speed and Jason Statham to last me a life time.

You know a film is going to be good when you read that they used 34 of the best cars around for filming and that it took them 3 tonnes of ammunition for the battle scenes.

And so, when the opportunity arose some time later I settled down and watched a film with more testosterone than the average bodybuilder. It is exactly what I was promised and exactly what motor racing should be; a spectacle of blood and orgy of speed. Whether or not you like this film it will get your heart started like a jackhammer and hormone laced blood pumping through your veins.

And this is in no small part due to the main car, affectionately nicknamed “Frankenstein’s monster”. An appropriate name since the car comes coated it armour and bristling with weapons like machine guns, oil slicks and even napalm. But the real monster is under the bonnet. A 3.7 litre V6 lies there; ready to send out 412 horsepower at a moment’s notice.

What’s more to make sure this engine propels the car as fast as possible the Shelby has been put on a strict diet. Only Hummus and olives for this Mustang. Even the seats are made out soybeans (you might think I’m exaggerating again but they really are made from soybeans; look it up). The result is a car 102 lbs lighter than the old one; and much faster.

There are other cars in the film, including Jaguars and Porsches, but none even come close to the Mustang. As the chief mechanic says “we took the best, and made it better”. $30,000 better to be exact. That’s how much it cost the producers to fit all their toys.

That means the car costs $52,000. Never mind, at least we can dream about owning it.