Lindsay Lohan was critically acclaimed actress noted for her appearances in movies like Mean Girls, Freaky Friday, and Herbie. Well okay not critically acclaimed but she was the cute redhead that guys went crazy for. But after the short span of a mediocre acting career, Lindsay deteriorated into a blond pariah that is the celebrity who is only famous for being the out-of-control party girl. The only fitting comparison I can think of is an old sock. And I mean a really old sock that has been worked out in and hasn't been washed for months. The sort of sock that is crusty and unusable. It could be washed but it would difficult for me to wear again after knowing how disgusting it once was. I also would be conflicted in throwing away that sock because they come in pairs and I would have an odd number. That is precisely what Lindsay has become: a crusty old sock that nobody knows what to do with. But the sock doesn't try to force its way into the public's attention, or is constantly discussed by TMZ, or is in continuous legal trouble for drunk driving. Perhaps this old sock should just be tossed. Her role in the world is nonexistent and the money used in giving her a career and in pointless rehab could be used for infinitely better causes like a cure for cancer or Orbitz long lasting gum.