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I work at a TV station and, when I'm not running camera for the news, I build graphics. For one graphic tonight, they asked for music items (orchestra, instruments, etc). I built a custom sheet music bit with the first part of "Lost Woods (Saria's Song)" from Ocarina of Time on the graphic. I'm hoping that anyone that can slightly read sheet music and knows Ocarina of Time watches the 10 O'clock news.

A few weeks ago, I fell asleep making out with my girlfriend because I had stayed up all night playing Braid.

When I was 2, I wanted an NES. My parents told me that "Santa" would bring me a Nintendo if I became potty-trained. With little difficulty, I mastered the ability of using a toilet. Christmas day arrived, and I recieved my NES. I also went back to crapping my pants. "Santa" visited my house again in the middle of the night and "stole" my system. He left behind a note changing the terms of our agreement, and promptly "returned" my beloved Nintendo after I agreed to always use an actual bathroom.

The only thing that pisses me off about being short is that I can't do Sephiroth cosplay without looking silly.

Recently, I had a birthday and my sister pinned a ribbon on me. On that ribbon was a picture of Yoda and the words "Birthday Jedi Knight."  I was kinda drunk and I love Star Wars, so I thought it was awesome. Later that night, I walked by a really hot drunk girl who looked at it and said "OMG I LOVE OBI WAN KENOBI!" Part of me wanted to let it slide because she was so hot, but a bigger part of me was pissed because she didn't know who Yoda was.

As a joke one time, I played my brother's Pokemon game and caught six Rattatas then named them after Robin Williams movies. I made them his starting six. When he found out, he removed me as a friend from Facebook and didn't add me again for a month.

I bought a mini HDTV and an extension cord to put in my bathroom so I could play MW2 while taking a dump.

When I was around 6 or 7, I rented Zelda Ocarina of Time multiple times, but I had never made it to the stage of adult Link. One day, I decided to ask my dad if I could just buy the game and he agreed. We bought it used, and when I turned it on there was a save file that was beaten already. Curious, I started the file and ended up in the Temple of Time. Excited, I ran out of the temple and headed straight for the central town. As I got there, naked zombies screamed at me and started attacking. I screamed and turned off my Nintendo 64. For six years I wouldn't play the game because of how scared I was of the re-dead's. I finally beat the game when I was 12.