1. The button masher

There is always the friend that insits on playing a fighting game. From Soul Calibur to Marvel v.s D.C Universe he has no clue on how to play. Instead of learning the controls, he will pick his "favorite" character and keep telling you that he is really good at this game. As soon as round 1 starts you will be forced to block like crazy while he almost breaks your controller by hitting the buttons in a random order that just so happends to work. At the end of the fight  he claims you beating him was luck and continue to tell you of those "insane  moves" he did even if you remind him it was luck.

2. the one mover

The one mover knows he can not play any Street Fighter game. When you end up playing with him, there is a large chance you will lose. Although your controller will stay in tacked, one button will be destroyed before you get pissed and start yelling at him on why he is cheap and has no skill. If you ever get passed E honda's hundred hand slap or scorpion punching you to death and win, he will say that you are better them him so its nothing to be proud of. The downside is if he wins he brag how he beat you even if your better.

3. the crazy good player 

He will suggest to play this game because it is his favorite. Before you know it you are at the character select list and no matter which character you pick you will lose. When the round starts you will see moves that only someone who plays the game 24/7 knows and there is nothing you can do to stop it. If you are lucky he will only perfect you once and u will be able to block his most powerful move. Once you get whooped he will ask to play again but this time he will go easy. If you acsept it may seem like your winning but he will have beatin you in the end.

4. The conceded player

Once you pick which fighting game to play, he will start to brag about how good he is. Once you start playing and get past his nonsense he is easy to beat. it is obvious you are better then him but ,halfway through the fight he will start saying things like, "i stopped trying awhile ago"  and "i let you win beacuse i didn't want to make u feel bad". Even though it is clear that he is lying, you can't really say anything unless you want to argue and keep playing and beating him untill you get bored and let him win so he will shut up. 

5. The rival

He is the Sub Zero to your Scorpion, the ken to your Ryu, and the Nightmare to your siegfried. Everytime he comes over it is obvious what you are going to do. He is at your same skill level and the winner changes every time. The winner usally comes down to one punch or one lucky grab.  Both of you know each others fighting styles very well and your fights no matter the game are the most fun to watch. He might normaly beat you in one game, but when it comes to your favorite he doesnt stand a chance. After each battle you find it fun to change characters and sometimes even pick random. most of the games end with you or him beign really pissed and challinging the other to one more round.

6. The long rang player

When playing him, it is best to pick a character that can jump high like blanca or fly in the air like yoshimitsu. He will say he knows a lot of special moves that will win him the game and if he gets far enough away from you he will. This player knows how to hadouken and will. He is extremly hard to beat if you have bad timing and do not know how to block. This player can be easy to beat if you can get close and even if he does the same move over and over he will claim its not cheap because the move is "hard to do" or "takes skill".

7. The know it all

His skill will not matter when playing him because you won't get very far. He is probobly a comic book nerd and his favorite games involve super heros. No matter what character you pick he will give you a back round on that character. It will start with "did you know that this superman is different than.." or "funny you chose ryu because in the story line….". He spends more time learing about the character in the game then playing and most likey owns the game to see his favorite characters in action. After beating him once or twice his rants will start to annoy you and you will lose focus. The game will end with you asking to play an first person shooter and hoping he doesnt know a lot about guns and war.